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With over 18 years experience in truck enforcement, we have worked for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Missouri DOTís Safety and Compliance Enforcement Division. Our staff consists of former instructors for the National Training Center, a division of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.† Not only did we do the job for over 18 years, we taught Police Officers, Investigators and State Troopers across this country how to do the job.† Let us help you to become CSA compliant, reduce your roadside violations and implement the policies and procedures that† help you rest easy the next time the DOT comes knocking.† With CSA you can rest assured they are coming.†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Are you READY?

Mock Audits
Pre-Safety Audit & Compliance Review consultation
Prepare and monitor driver qualification, drug & alcohol, maintenance, and hours of service files
Federal Annual Inspections
New CDL driver training
DriverĖ Basic HM training
Security Plan reviews
Log book auditing
Drug and Alcohol reasonable suspicion training
DOT Number assistance
Driver training

18 years DOT Investigator

CSA Certified


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Midwest Transportation Specialists



National Training Center

Compliance Review



National Training Center Safety Audit Instructor

1) go to http://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS/††††

2) type in your DOT number to see where you stand.

3) call Midwest Transportation Specialists !

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